All Is Relative

by StandStill

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released 25 October 2010
recorded by Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche) during the summer of 2010.



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Track Name: The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters
Transcend me, just keep me around long enough to pretend we have got this all under control. Now bend me over backwards just to see if the view from here was any better - the view from here was so much better.

You fall in love and you fall in line; you fall apart and you waste your time on me. React and respond in kind, I'll make sure I never leave your mind again.

She goes on about the importance of trends. I can't wait anymore. So who's to say we can't undress and coalesce? Respect, we're lacking in terms of distractions and self-satisfaction, entropic reactions the fact is your actions divulge you.

I can hardly recall the car ride home that night. I'm not all right. The sound of shattering glass reveals itself to me, and the voice inside screams:

"Cierra la puerta! No quiero apprender que sucede en aquel! Crash the car! Now! I wanna make the headlines!"